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Daily, many people fail to pay their car loans or leases and, as a result, their cars become repossessed. Since financial institutions want to recoup at least a portion of their money and avoid storage fees for their cars repossessed, they sell these cars at online car auctions. While many car auctions are available to the open public, the best deals offered by banks, credit unions and lease companies happen behind closed doors where only a few dealers are allowed and entire fleets are sold in a single bid. We’re proud to be one of these licensed dealers allowed in such auctions. You now have a chance to purchase one of these cheap cars for sale. When it comes to our Buy it Now features, it has made purchasing that used cars you have dreamed of a lot easier and without all of the hassle seen in the past. It means that you will be able to buy used cars at a fixed price. Canada Inc has one click to buy cars, so you won’t have to worry about having to beat someone else to the same car. Just select – Buy it Now – Take it home. All the cars offered for sale by our company are in perfect working condition and are accompanied by a certificate of inspection. This certificate is issued after a thorough car check by our service experts. Thus, we ensure that the car description from our website is as accurate as possible. The cars offered for sale on our website are registered in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, to private persons or companies. These cars are recovered by banks or lease companies from debtors (bad payers) that are based in these countries. Our motto is “Quality beats the price!”. For this reason, the most important thing for everyone in the company is to offer the end customer a high-quality product. This way, we make sure that our clients will return to us for a future purchase. Moreover, a high-quality product will ensure our company of good feedback from our client and the possibility that they recommend us to his friends and his partners. To be closer to our customers and show our gratitude our company offers at the end of each transaction a voucher worth $750. This voucher can be used for a future purchase and is valid two years from the issuance date. The voucher can be used by its rightful owner or can be transferred to any other person. If the voucher is transferred to another person, the beneficiary of the voucher must provide us by e-mail the unique voucher code released to the rightful holder.


Canada INC sets out to provide top quality used cars at the best possible prices. We have been selling used repossessed vehicles and we are familiar with the popular growing car market. Growth and expansion are key goals for most businesses. We try to expand our company and now we provide our customers with a diversified range of vehicles.


We work with Canadian companies operating the largest leased car fleets.


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All cars are inspected by certified experts before shipping !


Martin - Calgary, Alberta

Robert was very professional with me the whole time. He made sure to help me any way he could! I bought a great Tesla S for a very good price.

Barbara - Vancouver, British Columbia

Very helpful and understanding, the best car buying experience I have had! Very friendly people and fast process.

Vlad - Montréal, Québec

LIVE CHAT was most helpful, looking into my requirements, offering suggestions and knowledgeable about all aspects of the car.

John- Toronto, Ontario

Big thank you to everyone at Canada Cars Inc! We appreciate everything you did in making sure we got our car.