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By clicking “Buy it Now” you agree to buy the vehicle offered by our company at the price listed.

To complete the “Buy it Now” process the customer assumes the obligation to carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions described below.
The customer agrees to purchase the vehicle listed on our website, as is, conditioning our company that the vehicle delivered will fully match the description and photos from the listing.
Total price:
A flat fee of $250 will be added to the listing price. This fee covers expenses for the documents, obtaining provisional license plates and vehicle insurance.

A variable shipping fee will be added to the price, depending on the distance between our office and the location of delivery. Shipping charges will be calculated as follows:

  • the minimum fee is $200 for distances below 150 km;
  • 151 km – 1500 km = at a rate of $0.30/km;
  • 1501 km – 3000 km = at a rate of $0.25/km;
  • more than 3001 km please ask for a shipping quote;
Shipping and Export:
All prices for vehicles listed on our website are VAT included. VAT is deducted according to the applicable Canadian directives. 
The delivery of the vehicle will be started only after all the documents required are prepared. Documents will be prepared in 1-3 working days. Shipping will take 5-7 days, depending on the location of delivery.
Vehicle transport will be made through our shipping department and will be accompanied by a company agent. Our agent will personally hand out the vehicle, both keys and the complete set of documents required for sale and registration of the vehicle. Our agent is qualified to advise the customer about the procedure of registration of the vehicle.
Delivery and refund policy:
Upon delivery of the vehicle, both keys and all necessary documents, the customer must sign a standard vehicle acceptance document to complete the sale procedure.
 After delivery, the customer has a period of 5 days to complete a test drive of the vehicle.  
After the testing period of 5 days, the customer has the right to refuse the car. The refusal will be accepted if it is based on objective reasons, such as that the received vehicle does not correspond to the vehicle bought by clicking “Buy it Now”.
If the delivered vehicle has fewer features than mentioned in the description from our website, it if has unmentioned damages, or technical failures it is accepted by our company that the delivered vehicle does not comply with the vehicle bought from our website.

Vehicle refusal shall be done by notifying our agent and signing a standard “Vehicle Return” document. The customer must specify in the “Vehicle Return” document the obvious reasons for refusing the vehicle. The vehicle will be picked up from the customer within 24 hours of receiving the “Vehicle Return” document. After taking over the vehicle, both keys and the documents from the customer, our agent will send a “Refund Request” to our sales manager.
Our company is committed to refund the full price of the vehicle within 5 days of receipt of the “Vehicle Return” document.
How does the “Buy it Now” process works:
After selecting a vehicle on our website the customer must initiate the buying process by clicking on the “Buy it Now” button located next to the vehicle pictures. If the customer wishes to continue he must confirm in writing that he agrees to the terms and conditions of the “Buy it Now”. This confirmation is done by downloading, completing, signing and sending by e-mail of a standard document/form called “Written Authorization for Purchase Form”. The customer will be allowed to download the “Written Authorization for Purchase Form” only after he checks the box that confirms he read the terms and conditions of the “Buy it Now” process” and he fully agrees to them.
After receiving the “Written Authorization for Purchase Form” completed and signed by the customer, our company will prepare a standard Invoice and send it to the customer. The Invoice will contain a clear identification of the vehicle, the customer’s data, delivery address, bank details of our company and the total price to be paid.  
Payment must be made and confirmed in a maximum of 48 hours (two working days) from the receipt of the standard contract of sale. To confirm the payment, the customer must send back the signed contract of sale and the copy of the bank receipt with the transfer details clearly visible.


After finishing the “Buy it Now” process and receiving the Invoice, the customer has the legal obligation to confirm payment for the total amount in the contract within 48 hours (two working days). By failing to comply, our company reserves the right to sue the customer at the Canadian Court of Commercial Arbitration for breach of the Canadian regulations regarding online purchases and claim for damages up to 50% of the vehicle list price. At the same time, the customer shall be placed on the blacklist of debtors and will no longer have the right to buy other vehicles from us.
These are the terms and conditions of the “Buy it Now” process. By clicking the “I Agree” button you declare that you have read and fully agree to these terms and conditions and want to continue with the purchase.