Shipping & Export

  • All the vehicles offered for sale on our website have Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta registration as they are recovered by banks or lease companies from private or legal entities based in Canada.
  • The contract of sale is done directly between our company and the end customer, following the transfer of ownership from the vehicle owner (bank or lease company).
  • The documents for the transfer of ownership to our company are prepared only after the customer has signed the “Written Authorization for Purchase” and full payment is confirmed by our bank. Please note that paperwork may take up to 1-3 working days.

  • If the buyer is a private person must pay the list price of the product displayed on our website. 

  • Our company will add to the sale price a $250 fee, which will cover paperwork for sale or export, obtaining provisional license plates and the insurance for the provisional license plates.

  • Vehicle transport will be made through our shipping department and will be accompanied by a company agent. Our agent will personally hand out the vehicle, both keys and the complete set of documents required for sale and registration of the vehicle. Our agent is qualified to advise the buyer about the procedure of registration of the vehicle.

  • All our shipments have shipping insurance included that is worth up to $250.000.
  • Shipping charges will be calculated as follows:
    • – the minimum fee is $200 for distances below 150 km;
    • – 151 km – 1500 km = at a rate of $0.30/km;
    • – 1501 km – 3000 km = at a rate of $0.25/km;
    • – more than 3000 km please ask for a shipping quote;

  • Please note that the documents for sale and registration are prepared in 1-3 working days. The shipping will start only after the documents are ready and may take up to 5-7 days, depending on the distance of transport. The total estimated time for delivery is around 7-10 working days.


For any other question please do not hesitate to contact us.